"act: 2"
Year:  1993
Country:  France
City:  Mulhouse, Alsace
Label:  Fnac
Format:  CD
Tracks:  9
Time:  30 min.
Lyrical themes:  social issues, politics
Genre:  rock
Style:        Death Metal

Formed in 1987 as Frayeurs, the band's name was changed to Crusher in 1991 until 1995, when Crusher disbanded. In 2015 the four musicians decided to come back and release a compilation with twenty two tracks remastered with new artwork, cover and back. In their first era Crusher recorded two albums ("corporal punishment") and this one here "Act:2". Strictly musical Crusher sounds a pure old death metal with some thrash metal touches. But about lyrical themes and attitude Crusher is closer to hardcore punk bands (social issues, animal liberation, politics, etc.).
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