"Blakesian williamnes"
Year:  2013
Country:  Israel
City:  Dekhay
Label:  Heart & Crossbone
Format:  CD
Tracks:  6
Time:  68 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Ethno        Ambient

Just start listening to the first song of this (to me) unknown band called "Holism Gaea" I feel a strange feeling m'invaia entire body and mind. A strange feeling as if I were calling attention to something while I were dragging elsewhere, elsewhere .. another dimension? I do not know, but the effect when you listen to this album is not at all normal, the agents can then enchanting music, magical and enchanting. Some would say that environment, that other drone, tribal music, minimal noise or just experimental. But the only thing I think of the one used to say that this is not music ... this is pure magic! When most hear the disc tend to think that the person (or people) who have last "holism Gaea" are not really what they seem... are not human. Or at least understand the concept that all normal as "human." If you CDs of ambient drone or are boring, repetitive or heavy, my friend recommend 100% once you hear this work, to free his bandcamp and there have nothing to lose ... not to be afraid of being abducted by UFOs or the "holism Gaea," which are more or less the same thing. Frankly a long time since I listened to a CD that produces the feelings, impressions and "visions" that can cause when you listen to this album. Cooler. Cooler. Cooler...
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