Year:  2018
Country:  US
City:  Seattle
Label:  Atomic action
Format:  LP
Tracks:  13
Time:  24 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Hardcore

Born in a warehouse in South Lake Union, Fucked & Bound delivers Seattle hardcore thats built to spank thru. With their album "suffrage", the band slams forth thirteen songs in twenty-four minutes in an acid bath of pure sonic fury. Brickwalled and claustrophobic, these tracks seethe over feminism, anarchism, and the pitfalls of industry, to ask, what is the cost of good living? The Rudimentary Peni lurch of the closing track, “Abuse of Registry,” indicates that this band has more to say/write in the coming years and does not intend upon staying silent. Mungo further develops her style in this song, adding a crusty tinge that not only recalls Filth in their heyday, but also the singular vocal styling of Seattle’s own Skarp. The versatility found on this record is unlike most hardcore punk records in 2018. Rather than sticking to one style and becoming a genre band in an era where genre bands are succeeding at high levels, Fucked And Bound take stylistic chances within the d-beat and punk universe without sounding the least bit contrived. The overall aesthetic of the band is polemic, divisive, visceral and unapologetic. 2018 is begging for more bands like this. Remember when every asshat you knew said that fascist political atmospheres breed the best punk bands? Well, fuck that, cuz it’s escapist bullshit.
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