"in the age of corporate personhood"
Year:  2017
Country:  US
City:  Boston
Label:  Alternative Tentacles
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  12
Time:  33 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Hardcore        Punk

Formed in 1999, Disaster Strikes have crafted their own unique brand of punk and hardcore inspired by Econochrist, Dead Kennedys, and Crass. However, like all Alternative Tentacles artists, their politically informed, impassioned music is not easily pigeonholed. Disaster Strikes is one of the wave of east coast bands recently joining AT's roster, and is easily one of the funnest and most politically active. Singer J.R. works as a union organizer, a job which lends his lyrics a truth based in his real life activism for the working class. The band combines a wide variety of influences, not just punk, to produce the hard-hitting and diverse music that is Disaster Strikes.
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