"to the great calamity of the inhabitants"
Year:  2017
Country:  UK
City:  Brighton
Label:  Pumpkin
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  10
Time:  42 min.
Lyrical themes:  anarchism, pacifism
Genre:  rock
Style:        Prog Punk

Formed from the ashes of Collective Responsibility in late 2009, Primeval Soup started jamming in a squatted garage in Brighton. After a brief period as a 4-piece the band shifted to a 3-piece. They played a handful of shows in early 2010 under various names but came to settle on Primeval Soup in early spring. Playing an energetic mix of punk, ska and reggae their first bunch of songs were a chaotic mix of these genres. They recorded their debut album 'Let's Start Something' in the summer of 2010. 12 songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in 2 days by the band. The album featured songs about animal rights, anti-miltilarism, dumpster diving and various socio/political issues. The band put on a lot of their own shows at social centres, pubs and squats and helped re-ignite Brighton Punx Picnic. anarcho peace punk band started in 2009 in Brighton, UK, as result of differents bands already dissolved. It seem to main inspiration of Primeval Soup are bands such as: CRASS, Subhumans, Flux Of Pink Indiands, Conflict and similars. But their music is clearly far of post-punk or any kind of music experimentation, and their song sound closer to reggae and ska, as well as progressive rock, despite their base is punk rock. Long, complicated and elaborated songs which became original and fresh at the same time and can be describe as some kind of "prog punk" If it exist this adjective. Highly recommended for those open minded.
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