"Cracking ruptures"
Year:  2013
Country:  Spain
City:  Madrid
Artist:  Carlos Suero
Label:  Atrocious Symphonies
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  4
Time:  32 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Ambient        Cosmic       Noise

This is a nice musical project from Madrid (Spain) which mix harsh noise with styles much more calm such as: ambient, drone, space, etc. This tape is from 2013 but it has been re-made recently through label "Atrocious Symphonies Records". The tape has just four tracks and 32 minutes of soft noises and few landscapes which can to remind styles such as: ambient, drone, space or cosmic. Behind GODAFOSS there is a man called Carlos Suero, who record music also under his real name or b-side. "Cracking ruptures". To get the best experience, turn off the lights and increase the volume to maximum. Carousel begins.’ This sage advice is printed inside the cover of this monumental double-disc release from Germany’s Tho-So-Aa. It’s an ever-so-gentle nudge in the direction of attentive and enveloping listening, as opposed to background ambiance. This is industrial-tinged dark ambient designed to be deeply listened to, not merely heard. So many of the subtle tones and colours, which are essential to the musical logic of the whole, would be lost without some serious volume behind the sound. Released by the venerable German label Tesco, Sleeping Explorer is the culmination of over three years of recording and the results speak for themselves. This is a carefully constructed concept album that showcases the artist working at his absolute best to date. The sound collage and deceptively simple musical elements here are masterfully sculpted into a very engaging and original vision - one that combines noise, ambient, space, cosmic and small glitch noise with a cinematic approach into a very haunting release. Highly recommended.
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