Year:  2015
Country:  Russia
City:  Saint Petersburg
Label:  none  (unofficial release)
Format:  digital
Tracks:  26
Time:  36 min.
Lyricial themes: social issues , politics
Genre:  rock
Style:        Grindcore

INTERNAL DAMAGE is a 4 piece grindcore / mincecore band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia since 2007. They have recorded two albums and three ep's in the vein of old-school grindcore bands such as: Napalm Death, Liberteer, Assück, Agathocles, Phobia, Archagathus, Magrudergrind, Kill The Client, Fitcage, Warsore, Steak Chaos, Violent Headache, etc. I read somewhere they made "social grindcore". In this link here below you can listen to all its discography until 2015. I recommend with no doubt for all those who love true grindcore in the purest old-school. Its sound is quite clear, well produced and nothing to do with amateur sound, lo-fi or something like that, but the opposite. Voices are not too much gutural, but rather similar to crustcore bands. It seem in Russia and its area they are a well known band in the extreme music scene, and is not strange at all, due to its high quality sound, music and lyrics. Highily recommended.
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