Year:  2013
Country:  Polish
City:  Warsaw
Label:  SelfMadeGod
Format:  CD
Tracks:  18
Time:  33 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:      Grindcore

The alcoholism is an addiction. We have it all clear, or almost all (the patient denies his addiction, in most cases). Good, I have an addiction, and it does not consist of consuming alcohol, drugs, neither psychoactive drugs or anything similar, in industrial quantities. My addiction is the Music, and while wilder and violent be, more addictive it proves to me. Therefore, the Grindcore is one of my addictions. As addict that I am to the genre, i was waiting for this album with big expectations (something not very common for me, since habitually the edition of a record to future don´t generates me few expectations, and, sometimes, none. I prefer listening to the music without prejudices), so the previous work of the Polish, the extraodinary Grind Virus, it left the rod high up. So, my expectations were focused on the following: will the Squash Bowels at least match what was done in that great album? Or just do what they like, what they want to do, without stopping to think or draw overcome this masterpiece? To my knowledge, they did the last: made ​​a record genuine, sincere and real. They did what they wanted to do, what they wanted to hear, and to hell with expectations. In other words, they took the best decision of all, and so, became his new opus on a very good album. A very good album of the purest and pissed Grindcore, with the hallmark of Squash Bowels, putting everything in place and confirming that for them time does not seem exist. Almost 20 years ago that are on the road, playing visceral Grindcore almost any respite be (I know the group 15 years ago, in fact. But the band formed in 1994). Almost 20 years ago that do their thing without losing effectiveness or energy or anything. Since 20 years Squash Bowels is an inhuman killing machine that uses the Grindcore as a weapon of mass destruction. Since 20 years ago that never fail, always guess right. Grindcoholism is no exception to the rule, fortunately. A little more than 30 minutes of pure rage, chaos, speed ruthless, torn voices (and bloodcurdling), noise, violence and all that we love the Grindcore addicts. And if all this were not enough, those responsible for all this madness are three guys that are kicking ass for almost 2 decades, and, as a corollary, never released a bad album, ever. Again, Grindcoholism is no exception to the rule, but rather the opposite, since it does nothing but confirm something we always knew: Squash Bowels is one of the hottest bands in the history of Grindcore. O Goregrind, if you prefer that tag. Anyway, this is a great album, which songs devastating as "Tastelessness", "The Theater" (my favorite) or the song that gives name to the album explode in your face and do not let a single bone intact. Other songs destroys the rest of the body with the same violent intensity.     To sum up, there is only say this: Arthur, Marius and Andy, thank you for another superb demonstration of pure and brutal grindcore. And thanks for almost 20 years, again, of the best Grindcore (*NOTE this review is from "Puro Ruido" )
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