"Slaves to conformity"
Year:  2012
Country:  Saudi Arabia
City:  Ryad
Label:  none
Format:  CD
Tracks:  12
Lyrical themes:  politics , social issues
Time:  32 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Grindcore

The debut full-length release from the one and only Saudi Arabian political grindcore band, Creative Waste. "Slaves To Conformity" is a quite good release even by world standards, produced by Kevin Talley of Dying Fetus. Not so long ago Creative Waste also managed to play several shows in the United States, and they were pleased by performing in front of people who understand exactly what they're playing. Although there's already a considerable number of metal fans in Saudi Arabia, organizing a metal gig there (and even finding people willing to play in a band) is still almost impossible. Check out the interview that CW gave to a Nepalese (!!!) metal blog for more info. They doesn't talk much about their political views there, but it's totally understandable, considering the harshness of the regime in a country which they live in. We can to affirm they are totally hardcore about attitude and mentallity, but musically they left to enter a lot of touches and influences of metal-heads: death, thrash, etc... However they are a brilliant and excellent new promise to little mincecore scene. For all those who love and yearn the superbs Assück, here we have a new substitute. This album is almost perfect and is just the debut (!).
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