"Teraz, tak!"
Year:  2013
Country:  Argentina
City:  Buenos Aires
Artist:  Andrea Pensado
Label:  Pan y Rosas
Format:  net
Tracks:  9
Time:  70 min.
Genre:  electronic , acoustic
Style:        Experimental        Noise

BIOGRAPHY:  Andrea Pensado began playing piano as a girl, with private instruction. She obtained her BA in Music Education from the University of La Plata in 1987.  Immediately following, she moved to Poland where she continued her studies at the Krakow Academy of Music. Pensado graduated in Composition with honors in 1995.  Her professors were Barbara Buczek and Boguslaw Schaeffer in composition and Marek Choloniewski in computer music. The music of that time shows a wide variety of interests, from pure instrumental to mixed genres such as instrumental theatre, live electronics and text sound compositions.   During this period, she was invited to participate in numerous festivals and workshops, as a result, her music was programmed in Poland, Austria, Germany and Holland.  In 1997, she moved back to Buenos Aires. In 1998, she cofounded an interdisciplinary duo (Qfwfq) along, with Gregory Kowalski (in charge of the images). While still in Buenos Aires, the duo often worked with the collaboration of solo performers (Martín Moore, Lucio Capece, Adriana de los Santos). They presented their work in many events in Buenos Aires, including the Cycle of Electronic and Experimental Music (in the Museum of Modern Art); the International Sound Art  Festival EXPERIMENTA; the Cycle of Contemporary Music at the San Martin Theatre; the Experimental Video Festival (in the Museum of Fine Arts) and the Ricardo Rojas Arts Center.  In 2002, Pensado moved to the USA. At first, she continued performing with Qfwfq, mainly in the Boston area. The duo channeled most of her artistic work from 1999 to 2009.

REVIEW :  Impressive sound encyclopedia. That's what is the mind of Andrea Pensado . Or is that his enormous creative , imaginative and yet intuitive ability to record this huge disk tracks and 14 long 120 minutes , almost two hours tirelessly inventive . As we read in his biography , this experimentalist music lived in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) , much of his life. Until recently decided to live in New York. In both the South Pole and the North Pole, Andrea Pensado never fatigue. Never for your activity and your mind is always restless thinking that sounds , noise or music even "normal" can do in the next minutes. About the FREE IMPROVISATION , I think it is a very subjective sub - style. Both . That same person may like a particular disk and the next day, completly dislike, according to the  even the same person may like a particular disk and the next day, completly dislike, according to the  completely dislike , according to the mood you are. I particularly like that I like Andrea because gives me reflection and calm. They are very small and spaced noises together by soft sounds ... or even silence. As for the voice, no . Well, no one sings or shouts , but the artist will articulate a long list of small vocal sounds and murmurs at very low volume. I really liked this disk. I was delighted . Although there is no substantiated reason. But ... there needs to be a reason? it's just music. Enjoy it !!
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