"animal rights"
Year:  1996
Country:  US
City:  New York
Label:  Mute
Format:  CD , LP
Tracks:  16
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Ambient         Punk

Richard Melville Hall (september 11, 1965), known by his stage name MOBY, is an american DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and animal rights activist. He is well known for his electronic music, punk rock, veganism and support of animal rights. He started in music in the underground hardcore punk scene of his city New York, and abandoned rock to enter in the field of electronic music in 1990. This is album entitled "animal rights" is just a revival of his teenage roots, mixing punk rock with ambient, anti-folk, alternative rock and electronic music with intelligent lyrics about ecologism, animal rights, humankind and social issues. It's perhaps not his more succesful recording, but it was important in the moment that it was issued, to show to everybody the link between social issues to electronic musicians.
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