"grindcore against Fascism"
Year:  2018
Country:  various
Label:  Extreme Terror Prod.
Format:  digital
Bands:  20
Tracks:  20
Time:  23 min.
Lyrical themes:  social issues, politics
Genre:  rock
Style:        Grindcore

"Extreme Terror Production" is a russian label started in 2005 by Marcin Uryga as a platform to issue stuff related to extreme music as: grindcore, crust punk, powerviolence, thrash metal, etc. Marcin Uryga is and has been also vocalist of several bands such as: D-Compose, Matka Teresa, Paralyzed Society,  Extreme Martin, Takashi Ohkawa, Urbx and others. In march 2018 has been the turn to make this exciting digital compilation, with twenty bands and one song for each. Few more than twenty minutes of pure rage, fast and noise. Next this digital compilation the label has also made various items with the same goal "grindcore anti-fascist" (T-shirts, patches, etc.).
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