"L'avenir est un cerf teint"
Year:  2016
Country:  Belgium
Label:  Ant Zen
Format:  CD
Tracks:  11
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Rhythmic Noise        IDM

Belgian duo formed in 1991, juggling between different genres such as industrial, breakcore and electronic music.Until date (2016) they have recorded six albums and several EP's all of them more than recommended with high quality in all aspects: production, sound, melodies, etc. Cedrik Fermont and Olivier Moreau are the two musicians who run this interesting project which move from electro to techno to ambient to IDM to rhythmic noise. since it began in 1991, axiome formed by c-drik fermont and olivier moreau has passed through an unexpected evolution, journeying through most different electronic music genres. over the years, complex industrial and breakcore elements turned into straightforward idm, electro and acid components bit by bit without losing this project's explorative trait. 'l'avenir est un cerf teint' introduces a broad range of tempers between the dark icy menace of classic belgian electronic body music and the euphoria of a technoid rave. besides the omnipresent sub-bass, saturated beats and subliminal dots of experimental electronics, the focus of these eleven compositions is also set on elaborate melodic themes which indelibly stick in the listener's mind. an album which perfectly bridges the gap between ambitious and accessible - as coherent as an axiom, and as enigmatic as the album title. highly recommended.
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"moje celo"
Year:  2008
Country:  Belgium , Slovenia
Label:  Syrphe
Format:  CD
Tracks:  8
Time:  40 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:       Abstract         Experimental

Magnificent and excellent work fruit of effort of these two veteran musicians from different countries, Belgium and Slovenia. The result is an interesting mix of electro-acoustic, soft noise and dark ambient, which can to transport us to unknown landscapes and to discover new sounds and textures. In conclusion this CD stands as one of the high water mark releases from with-in the abstract and experimental texturing genre that year. Each sound here is built around a creative selection of textures, which are mixed together perfectly by Cedrik and Aluviana, to create a truly captivating and wholly layer satisfying experience. It’s a really pity the CD version of this disappeared so quickly, as really no fan of the 2abstract" scene should be with out it; but as mentioned early you can still check it out on the labels Bandcamp HERE .
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"hopeless dreams"
Year:  1994
Country:  Belgium
Label:  Trümmer Kassetten
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  15
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Experimental         Ambient

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