"Man made predator"
Year:  2003
Country: Belgium
City:  Kortrijk
Label:  Willowtip
Format:  CD
Tracks:  20
Time:  30 min.
Lyrical themes:  social issues, politics
Genre:  rock
Style:         Grindcore

LENG TCH'E aka death by a thousand cuts, is an ancient Chinese torture ritual where the victim has been doped up and is being cut into bits. The victim doesn't feel a thing of this procedure until it is far too late and death is unavoidable.  LENG TCH'E the band formed in early 2001, founded by Sven (drums, Aborted), Isaac (vocals), Kevin (Bass) and Glen (guitars). Basing their own hybrid of grindcore on bands such as REGURGITATE, HEMDALE, NASUM and BLOOD DUSTER and mixing it all up with some stoner / rock / hardcore influences, the band baptized their own unique style, now known as 'razorgrind'.  The following years saw the band work through a number of line up changes before finally solidifying into its current incarnation of Sven (drums), Boris (vocals, ex-Suppository), Geert (guitars), Jan (guitars, Spleen) and Nicolas (bass). The quintet have recorded two albums that have been released by The Spew Records in Europe. Noted underground label Willowtip issued the much talked about "Man Made Predator" in the USA in 2003. LENG TCH'E then signed a deal with Relapse Records for their next album, "The Process Of Elimination" in 2005. Hooks that sink into your brain accompanied some of the fastest and most extreme grind to emerge in years as LENG TCH'E proved that grindcore can continue to evolve, while staying true to its formative roots.  In 2006 the band released a split CD with French grindcore band WARSCARS on renowned European underground label Bones Brigade Records. This release served as a preview for the upcoming full length album and saw the band continuing to hone their craft by writing longer and more complex songs without losing touch of the extreme brutality they were known for.  2007: Belgian grinders LENG TCH'E drop the hammer with their new full-length "Marasmus". A heavier and more measured bludgeoning than previous records, "Marasmus" sees the band incorporating more pronounced death metal riffage to their pummeling grind assault. "Marasmus" finds Leng Tch'e maximizing their already lethal damage per square riff ratio with a more deliberate sense of pace. The album was mixed by producer Fredrik Nordstrom at studio Fredman (AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES, SOILWORK) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York (NILE, MASTODON, HATEBREED, UNEARTH). An absolute blinder of a full-length, "Marasmus" puts Leng Tch'e squarely at the forefront of the modern extreme scene.
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