Year:  1993
Country:  Italy
City:  Torino
Label:  Nautilus
Format:  CD + booklet
Tracks:  10
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Industrial       Experimental

CCC CNC NCN are an industrial group born in 1985 in Turin, Italy. The group / collective made up of artists from different disciplines, proposed performances poised between concerts, theater performances and research. The themes from them were often treated suicide as extreme choice of freedom, crowd control and oppression of power. CCC CNC NCN is the name by which a group of artists, musicians, performers and film makers from different countries met in collective. The project was born as an offshoot of the group hardcore punk of early eighties Kollettivo based in the self-managed social center El Paso Busy.

Alessandro stamps in his Dictionary of Names Rock, resuming an old interview of Massimo Moscarelli published in Blast !, emphasizes that the group "has never given him an identity private" by deleting the names of the authors and appearing in their concerts with balaclavas and gas mask: "it is our belief that the 'product' remains firmly tied to the manufacturer and receives this reflected light that often it changes the 'actual value." Hence also the choice of the name, often considered short for "who's there, who is not there is not", but that could also be signs of anything else. In their shows, often appearing as a mixture of live music, theater performances and research, the public often became part of the show, the scene releasing the constraints of the stage and the fourth wall. The group was extended with the years always maintaining an open form and modifying components frequently, with a consequent increase of complexity of the shows themselves. In 1989 he released the album Suicide User Mode in turn inspired by the novel by Claude Guillon and Yves Le Bonniec published in Italy by Nautilus autoproduzioni [4] and then just censored because "detrimental to the common sense of morality". The record shows that followed dealt with the themes of the book and on the cover of the album reads: "It is right to give death to an infant with irremediable handicaps, or reduced to a person dying vegetation, on a bed or a wheelchair? And who decides? The doctor? family members? or, when possible, himself? ... On 29 June 2005, the CCC CNC NCN opened the evening of Traffic - Torino Free Festival which saw the stage after them Throbbing Gristle, Pan Sonic and Asia Argento with a show involving over thirty artists in the large garden in front of the Foundry Theater Lemon Moncalieri.
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