"Charlie foxtrot"
Year:  2015
Country:  Hungary
City:  Budapest
Artist:  Kálmán Pongrácz
Label:  Unsigned
Format:  CD
Edition:  100 copies
Tracks:  3
Time:  45 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Noise        Ambient

ROVAR17 was born in 2002, in Budapest, Hungary, in the workroom of Kálmán Pongrácz. Levente Bod joined the band three days after, and they worked jointly through the end of 2004. They together created the albums Horsehead Nebula, Anything Else the Madness and English Letter with audio collage technique. The lineup widened with fine artist Zoltán Fekete in the debut concert. Fekete was responsible for the visuals of live acts. He played a few times in the ROVAR17, but soon he made up his own band, first under the name Káoszütemező then Nautilus. "Charlie foxtrot" is my first encounter with the music of ROVAR17 and from what I can figure, it’s probably his best work as well. In his bandcamp there are many recordings and frankly I choose this one as my favourite. The experimentalist musician Kálmán Pongrácz manipulate with great talent his pedals distortion and other electronic gear to get a mix from dry harsh noise to calm and quite ambient, drone and even space landscapes. ROVAR17, known otherwise as Kálmán Pongrácz, takes a unique and powerful approach to composing a sonic update to his similar artists who get also this perfect balance before mentioned. Fun "comic" cover album is more similar to his influences than the other CD's of his discography. The work was recorded during a live performance in the USA Tour in 2010 and made / distributed by his own label "Unsigned Records". Serene ponds of electronic instrumentation emerge from this makeover as a fearful collision of nature and technology.
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