"Palatine arches"
Year:  2011
Country:  UK
City:  Brighton
Artist: Dyland Nyoukis
& Karen Constance
Label:  Beartown
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  2
Time:  20 min.
Genre:  electronic , voices
Style:       Experimental

Brighton-based BLOOD STEREO is "Chocolate Monk Records" mogul Dylan Nyoukis and his wife Karen Constance, AKA Karen Lollypop (also of Smack Music 7, Polly Shang Kuan Band and Ceylon Mange). They use to record noise, musique concrète, field recordings, drone, ambient and other styles into the Experimental music field.
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"Your snakelike king"
Year:  2009
Country:  UK
City:  London
Artist:  Dylan Nyoukis
& Karen Constance
Label:  PAN , Chocolate Monk
Format:  LP , CD
Tracks:  2
Time:  40 min.
Genre:  electronic , acoustic
Style:    Musique Concrète       Noise

Limited edition of 330 hand-numbered copies, pressed on 140g vinyl and comes in a poly-lined inner sleeve. Packaged in a pro-press jacket which itself is housed in a two-tone silk screened pvc sleeve with interweaving geometric designs. Includes 11,5" x 11,5" b/w printed insert.
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