"Delete yourself"
Year:  1997
Country:  Germany
Ciy:   Berlin
Label:  Digital Hardcore rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  12
Time:   46 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Breakcore       Digital Punk

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT (abbreviated ATR) is a German digital hardcore group formed in Berlin in 1992. The name was taken from a Portuguese Joe song entitled "Teenage Riot" from the album "Teen-age Riot", with the word 'Atari' added as an Atari ST computer was used to create compositions. Highly political, they fused anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-nazi views with punk vocals and the newly emerging techno sound called digital hardcore, which is a term band member Alec Empire used as the name of his record label. The group was founded as an attack on the Neo-Nazi subculture by fusing hardcore punk views with German techno; it consisted of three Berliners - Alec Empire, Hanin Elias and MC Carl Crack. ATR's early releases (which included the track "Hetzjagd Auf Nazis!"/"Hunt Down the Nazis!") were surrounded by controversy in Germany.
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