Year:  2011
Country:  Poland
City:  Kielce (Świętokrzyskie)
Artist:  Konrad Materek
Label:  Control Valve rec.
Format:  EP
Tracks:  1
Time: 17 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:    Drone      Noise

ACCORDING TO THE ARTIST: "i began to make noise sometime around 2005-2006, under a different alias. since then, my sound evolved from crude and rather crunchy digital (at that time all my recordings were made on laptop with Audiomulch as my main tool) loops to slightly more refined, drony landscapes with some ambient and noise elements still present. for the time being i mostly focus on further developing my sound and gathering ideas for a full-length material, hopefully to come out this year. i also run my own diy label - chaosynod -  in which majority of my works is released... and i hate writing bios...

GEAR: the cornerstone of my sound are two signal generators: a no-input mixer (crappy behringer one) and electro-harmonix flanger hoax, the latter just working on its own, no fx loop whatsoever. both signals are then processed with up to 5 different effects, most often RAK phaser, ibanez chorus/flanger (the one with really neat 'turbo' switch), occasionally boss oc-2 octaver, and the last but not least - digitech digiverb and digidelay, both of which i always place at the end of the chain. i try to avoid using distortion of any kind, since my experience is that it tends to flatten the whole sound and make certain details simply inaudible. i prefer to finish each track in a single take, so the whole process actually involves a good deal of rehearsing. subsequently, everything's recorded in audacity and edited/mastered in adobe audition".
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