Year:  2015
Country:  New Zealand
City:  Nelson
Label:  Astipalea rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  8
Time:  48 min.
Genre:  electroacoustic
Style:    Field Recordings       Noise

HUBERT HEATHERTOES is an interdisciplinary artist from Nelson (New Zealand) who revolving around many different media. His work although trying to capture different areas of interest focuses on the experiences of transcendental and spiritual nature according to the motto about ever happening transformation in terms of molecular processes, reincarnation, oneironautical dream experience, vast terrain of absurdity that surrounds us. As a linguist he approaches music and other media with grammatical dexterity of incomprehensive surprises and disastrous dychotomy between autistic alienation and the idiom of overexpresiveness. Since 2014 he manages “Astipalea Records” and a number of musical b-side projects such as: Igloodoom, Lumber and more. This album is a set of eight tracks which he composed over a period of 2014 which include some of the field recordings from New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and UK in various locations.
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