Year:  2010
Country:  Japan
City:  Tokyo
Label:  Hz rec.
Format:  net
Tracks:  7
Time:  30 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Glitch     Ambient     Noise

Glitch is an style of electronic music that emerged in the late 1990s. It has been described as a genre that adheres to an "aesthetic of failure," where the deliberate use of glitch-based audio media, and other sonic artifacts, is a central concern. Sources of glitch sound material are usually malfunctioning or abused audio recording devices or digital electronics, such as CD skipping, electric hum, digital or analog distortion, bit rate reduction, hardware noise, software bugs, crashes, vinyl record hiss or scratches and system error. In a "Computer Music Journal" article published in 2000, composer and writer Kim Cascone classifies glitch as a subgenre of electronica, and used the term post-digital to describe the glitch aesthetic. TAKESHI KAGAMIFUCHI is no doubt a talented artist specialized on glitch and small noise with a sound very clean, well produced and totally electronic, artificial and synthetic. Can you imagine old electronic band Kraftwerk mixed with some japanese noise influences? I think TAKESHI  KAGAMIFUCHI walks into these lands. Minuscule noises, strange electronic failures and mistakes, and often even landscapes they can remember ambient and drone music. I know that the musician has only recorded two works at date, but are both highly recommended.
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