"Muzika elektronica"
Year:  2005
Country:  Israel
City:  Tel Aviv
Label:  Operator Produkzion
Format:  CD
Tracks:  9
Time:  64 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Rhythmic Noise        Experimental

IGOR KRUTOGOLOV is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and composer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He founded the Klezmer trio Kruzenshtern & Parohod and Igor Krutogolov Karate Band (a mini big band plays grind-core, black metal, rock-n-roll and tango on toy instruments). He also frequently collaborated with Chaos As Shelter, Tidal and Agnivolok as well as various other projects in genres ranging from ambient to improvisation to harsh noise.

"Muzika Elektronica" is a solo release. "Muzika Elektronica" is clearly noise oriented and built using an instrumentarium of drums, washing machine, bass (with cello bow), drum machine and voices. Loud eruptions of distorted sounds with an incredible detailed structure leave just the right amount of breathing room in the form of slow (delicious) bass driven beats and quiet, melodical passages.
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