"Exit ritual"
Year: 2003
Country: US
City: Seattle
Artist: Scott Sturgis
Label: Ant-zen
Format: CD
Tracks: 10
Time: 62 min.
Genre: electronic
Style:      Rhythmic Noise

"Exit Ritual"? Not "Shock Front" or "Blast Furnace"? No, this is the best thing CONVERTER has ever produced, "Ant-Zen Records" has ever released and rhythmic noise has ever given birth to. It’s a very experimental and original album, occasionally creeping up to the precipice of ambient, drone or industrial, but never slipping over the edge. It plays with your emotions, starting off atmospheric and meditative (Drone Ritual), becoming fairly aggressive (Nightmare Machine), moving into a relaxing, tribal space (Gateway Rite), then grabs you and drags you into a pit of madness (Night Swallows Day). Sturgis was apparently taking a Llot of drugs when he made this, and it shows. Not in a pretentious psychedelic way, but in a more schizophrenic and chilling way. I first listened to this album while suffering heavy sleep deprivation on a train through crumbling East German towns, and it seriously wrecked my head, which few albums can do. This is as good as it gets. Essential in its genre.
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Year:  2010
Country:  US , Belarus
City:  Seattle , Minsk
Label:  Invasion Wreck Chords
Format:  CD
Edition:  21 copies
Tracks:  6
Time:  30 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:       Rhythmic Noise

Scott Sturgis is a Seattle, USA-based music producer, best known for his power noise / rhythmic noise project CONVERTER. The harsh and distorted sounds of CONVERTER were influenced by noise music and artists featured on the Ant-Zen record label. He has since released material on both Ant-Zen and its imprint label "Hymen Records". Sturgis was involved with electro-industrial band Pain Station when he began work on Converter as a side-project in March 1998. Sturgis has since been quoted as saying "Both projects are pretty equal in my eyes and neither one takes precedence over the other right now. Of course, if you ask me which project is more fun to work on, I'd tell you it's Converter." Up until Exit Ritual (made on a Roland MC-909), Sturgis used only an Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard/sampler to produce music. Sturgis has also worked under the aliases DBS, Notime, and Lowness. Despite CONVERTER has nothing to do with the musical origins of Ambassador 21 (more punk and hardcore oriented) both projects decided to make an EP together, with the same track as a base, but with several remixes. There were also different releseas, but the more luxe, with an artwork more detailled was this one (see here below the pics).
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Picture of Converter — Infest 2005, Bradford UK. Horseyphobia.

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