Year:  2014
Country:  UK
City:  Sheffield
Label:  Kiks / Girlfriend rec.
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  5
Time: 60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Field Recordings

ADAM DENTON plays in a duet called "Trans/Human" and strange, bizarre and abstract noise project with already four works recorded.  They just released a great LP and also he alone has also released music on Blackest Rainbow Records under the name "Swan Hunter". He makes free improvisation and makes prepared and customised instruments for his live performance. Here is also a video of ADAM DENTON performing live aktion HERE . In the other hand, we have the other musician of this split tape called IAN WATSON. He creates his own ring modulator technology and makes FX pedals for many friends in the UK noise scene. He has worked on many noise projects for last 10 years. He now has focalized his attention in a project called SWEFN, making harsh noise, experimental and field recordings. He is also a talented graphic artist with current exhibition in Cardiff, UK. All the "Latencies" material is made using special made technology and is recorded over the internet in live takes. Using one sound in one location to trigger and effect sounds in a different location. For those who want to buy this awesome tape you can write HERE .
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