http://img03.shop-pro.jp/PA01002/229/product/2504511.jpg"Live at Ultrahang Fest"
Year:  2003
Country: Ukraine
City:  Kharkov
Label:  Nexsound rec.
Format:  net
Tracks:  1
Time:  34 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:   Ambient   Noise   Experimental

ANDREY KIRITCHENKO (born in 1976) is an artist known among experimental music fans as author and contributor of various critically acclaimed projects, founder of "Nexsound Records", producer who has contributed his significant share into the development of electronic music scene in Ukraine and already considered as one of the premiere experimental artist from Eastern Europe and Russia. Started his musical career in 1995 as a singer, song-writer and guitar player in several rock bands. Being involved mostly in noise, experimental, electronic and electroacoustic music for the last few years, Andrey gains recognition among the musicians and followers of this style all over the world. His activities range from indie-pop to free improvisation, from melodic electroacoustic to ambient noise or experimental techno. So far he collaborated with Alexei Borisov, Francisco López, Jeff Surak, Kotra, Saralunden, etc.  Under all his b-side projects he has already released around 40 albums on labels such as Staalplaat, SPEKK, Ad Noiseam, Nexsound, Zeromoon, Bip-Hop and more. Definitely, it's one of the best live acts from Andrey ever! Really interesting composition and very solid sound. Amazing mixture of anything from noise, ambient, glitch and drone. I wish i would hear this live on that festival. Amazing and severe.

Nexsound operates on the same hushed scale as most of Andrey Kiritchenko's output. The label prefers to categorize its endeavors, irrespective of the artist under consideration, as "environmental music" or "indocile ambient." The company's representatives say, en route to an explanation of that peculiar adjective: "The music of Nexsound envelops you. Listening to it produces the sensation of being immersed in a very special atmosphere. This are recordings intended for private listening, rather than for any public context."
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Here below a little detail of new Kharkov (Ukraine).


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