"Theory of machines"
Year:  2006
Country:  Australia
City:  Melbourne
Label:  Bedroom Community
Format:  LP , CD
Tracks:  5
Time:  39 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:         Ambient         Noise

BEN FROST (born 1980 in Melbourne, Australia, now based in Reykjavík, Iceland) is a musician, composer and producer, whose early work included the independently released ambient electronic EP Music for Sad Children (2000) and for his band School of Emotional Engineering. However Frost is probably most widely recognized for his experimental music drawing widely on influences of minimalism, post-punk, black metal and noise best demonstrated on the 2007 release Theory of Machines.

Frost’s compositional catalog includes Music for Sad Children (2001, independently produced and released), the ambient guitar exploration Steel Wound (2003, and reissued in 2007, Room40), described by Pitchfork Media as “an exemplary ambient experience”, and the widely critically acclaimed LP Theory of Machines on the Icelandic record label Bedroom Community, an album which earned Frost huge critical acclaim and it could be said, cemented his place as an artist on the global stage.

Ben Frost has performed and collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Amiina, American composer Nico Muhly, Tim Hecker and Björk. He is the closest collaborator of Icelandic producer/engineer/composer Valgeir Sigurðsson in Greenhouse Studios Reykjavik Iceland, often contributing programming work to Sigurðsson’s productions. It is within Greenhouse that the majority of Frost’s work is produced, often in collaboration of Sigurðsson.  Excellent album, no doubt.
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