Year:   1999
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Artist:   Christian Renou
Label:  Transfixional Entertainment
Format:  CD
Edition:   250 copies
Tracks:   12
Time:   45 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:   Ambient   Noise   Musique Concrète

Another trip down the archive of french Punk / Concrète genius Brume, this one came out as a CD in an edition of 250 copies on "Transfixtional Entertainment" (the label run by Anemone Tube) in Germany. The disc is subtitled "Finest Selection 1989-1997", which I guess sums up what you'll find here. Brume is a pseudonym used since 1983 by Christian Renou, an autodidact, prolific French noise artist who crafts intricate, fast-paced and beautiful tape collages in the tradition of musique concrete.
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