"Orpo mundi"
Year:  2013
Country:  Russia
City:  Novokuznetsk
Label:  none
Format:  CD
Tracks:  18
Time:  24 min.
Lyrical themes:  politics , social issues
Genre:  rock
Style:      Grindcore

Grindcore band from Novokuznetsk, Central Siberia (Russia). They started in 2005 and have recorded one demo tape and two long albums. Its musical style is clearly grindcore with lyrics themes such as: social, politics, feelings, etc. Besides grindcore they have also little other musical influences such as: crust, power violence, hardcore and even punk (mainly remind the old band “Discharge”). Their last album “ordo mundi” has an excellent sound quality, a high technical level and is very well produced. We are not in front of the typical band which make an ultra noisy old-school grindcore but a more or less "clean" and "clear" grindcore with quite hardcore and thrash influences.
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Фото Steak Chaos — Petrogrind 4, 11.11.2007 (St-peterburg)

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