Year:  2013
Country:  UK ,  Canada
City:   Birmingham ,Vancouver
Artist:  Simon Wilson &
Brian Beaudry
Label:  Blue Spectrum
Format:  CD
Tracks:  2
Temps:  38 min.
Genre:  electroacoustic
Style:     Field Recordings      Noise

Transatlantic super split between Canadian Brian Beaudry and the english Simon Wilson. Both artists are joined in this release to make 40-minute natural environment, drones, field recordings layered and strange electronic filter. The digital download of the album includes bonus materials Vehscle surplus. And frankly, exciting and surprising like this sound (cassette recording and outdoor) with the so-called "wall of ambient noise." Both styles have nothing to do, either in form or in contendo. But strangely sounds very similar, almost identical, this division between phosphenes and Vehscle. An extremely boring, serious and deep in the catacombs own sound, almost to the same hell. It seems as if the two artists had agreed to carry out a kind of shipping center of the Earth (something like Jules Verne) to record the sounds and noises produced there. And all this work, engraved with old equipment and old audio tapes, recycled and reused several times. In general, absolute fidelity sound and old school values ​​... despite all these adjectives: very attractive and charming. The Real Underground charm and sincere. A very good job, certainly, it is recommended to listen to two or three times to feel anything. This is not at hard and harsh noise, but "moderate" noise, ambient, tape collage, musique concrète and field recordings.
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