"Empty Time of TNB"
Year:  2004
Country:  Japan
City:  Tokyo
Artist:  Nobuo Yamada
Label:  ABH rec.
Format:  CD
Edition:  200 copies
Tracks:  3
Time:  60 minutes
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Japanoise

Legendary noise musicians Philip and Richard Rupenus of The New Blockaders join forces with trash-noise mastermind, Nobuo Yamada, on this one-sided limited print 12" vinyl remixing the apocalyptic rumblings of Prickle/Crevice; a track originally released on the even more limited print CD-r, "Empty Time of TNB." These artists have been active practitioners in the underground noise scene, releasing some of the most aggressive and staggering sounds imaginable for well over a decade. With that in mind it is easy to draw assumptions of what might be heard on this, their newest collaborative offering. Assumptions or not, one thing is blatantly obvious: this release is completely insane.

The quality is questionable at first--sounding more like some kids in a room throwing a bucket around than anything--but within a moment’s time the distorted metallic clanking coupled with chipmunk-like shrieking, subtle feedback and a feverish pace quickly becomes a symphony of battered metal; mounting and ripping into the innocent and still screaming chipmunk-like beings. The pace continues to quicken and the intensity continues to mount until something finally shatters and glass shards explode into the scene, creating an even more viscerally-wrenching atmosphere. By only six minutes into this release the battered chipmunks I’ve grown so accustomed to are all but drowned out, beaten and torn, by the sarcophagy of hell. The turbulent sea of noise eventually calms and quiets to make room for the erotic and painful sounds of torture and screaming; no longer chipmunks, the pain manifests itself into living, breathing people. Simply put, this release is a bad acid trip incarnate.

The New Blockaders and Nobuo Yamada’s Prickle/Crevice 12" turns from the simple knocking of buckets into a flirtation with pure chaos so quickly it will leave you reeling. I have no idea what these guys were doing when they recorded this, but I sincerely wish I could have been there to see it. Is this album for everyone? No way. But after listening to this release I am convinced that any true noise fan would gladly wet him / herself to get their hands on this gem..
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