"Human relocation"
Year:  1997
Country:  Belgium
City:  Bruxelles
Artist:  Olivier Moreau
Label:  Hymen
Format: LP

Tracks:  6
Time:  36 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Rhythmic Noise

Profile of Olivier Moreau: Imminent Starvation is (or was) the leading project of the prolific Belgian musician/knob-twiddler Olivier Moreau. Since the early 90s, Olivier has been something of a leading light in the field of extreme electronic music, the genre dubbed 'power noise' by many. Incessant technoid rhythms and piercing, twisted electronic noise are the two key ingredients in the Imminent Starvation's musical palette, with cold, eerie atmospheric textures adding another layer of macabre to the overall sound. His two albums and multiple vinyl and side-project releases have garnered more attention than you might expect from such an anti-commercial musical proposition, but the 'Nord' album did indeed hit the upper reaches of Germany's alternative chart (not quite up to VNV Nation levels, but significant nonetheless).      Olivier's work has been released on the Ant-Zen label, with his vinyl releases appearing on its off-shoot Hymen. This label has become the market leader in the field of rhythmic noise, with bands such as Synapscape and P.A.L also on their books. However Imminent Starvation is no more. Once 'Nord' was complete, Olivier Moreau destroyed his mixing desk, gave away the pieces as part of the limited release of 'Nord' and shortened his moniker to 'Imminent'. Whilst saving up for another desk, he shacked up with Synapscape and recorded a collaborative EP. 
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