https://ia902503.us.archive.org/20/items/HONGCHULKI/chulki.jpg "Amplified WC"
Year:  2009
Country:  South Korea
City:  Seoul
Label:  Pilgrim Talk rec.
Format:  mini-CD
Edition:  90 copies
Tracks:  1
Time:  20
Genre:  electronic , acoustic
Style:     Free Improv

The Amplified WC consists of 2 different sound installations located in the men’s and women’s WC rooms in the Nam June Paik Art Center, 2009. It was a tribute to Nam June Paik’s work “Prepared WC” in his first exhibition in 1963. This recording contains only the sound from the men’s room. In this sound installation, I applied and transformed some of my feedback techniques that I usually utilize for noise improvisation. Basically, two different feedback loops are crossed here: one feedback loop with a piezo mic loosely attached to the ventilation duct and one 8” monitor installed in the room that overlaps low frequency solid vibration feedback with mid or high range frequency room feedback; another (purely electric) feedback loop with an exposed audio cable and aluminum foil right under the ventilation duct so that the almost invisible vibration (caused by ventilation, low frequency feedback or just the flow of the air inside the bathroom) of the foil connects and disconnects the + and - of the cut and exposed audio cable. This is an unedited and unprocessed recording of the sound installation as improvised noise without improviser.
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https://ia902504.us.archive.org/29/items/hongchulki_choijoonyong/hong.jpg "4462 sec."
Year:  2004
Country:  South Korea
Artist: Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong & Sato Yukie
Label:  Balloon & Needle rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  5
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Turntable     Noise

Apart from the nice U2 pun of the title, this record - Entirely Realized with a CD player and a turntable - Brings an unrepentant , if somewhat moderate assault on the listener 's ears , subjected to an alternance of remorseless frequencies and episodes of extra- charged " tranquility " for over 73 minutes . The Protagonists manipulate Their sources with expertise , surprising sounds uncommonly Obtaining Whose scope goes from ultrasonically acute and extremely sharp stabs interlocutions to quasi -silent segments only through headphones where we're able to identify identity some sort of subterranean activity , Often based on the exploration of That audibility ranges are better suited to dogs , cats and bats than humans (one can always Improve, though) . There's a method to this music, Which is why I appreciate it Particularly : the performers are listening attentively even before releasing substances , que Gives the notion of partially Predetermined materials , although that's probably not the case . There are abundant doses of musical noise pleasantly That , for once , IMPLIES a cleverly planned structure instead of introducing Exclusively pain and tediousness , Joonyong Chulki and the Representatives of an open- minded diplomacy aural exasperation That Tends to leave aside in Favour of an almost complete sonic acceptability , notwithstanding Constituents disintegrated . This release Could be cherished by Those Who seriously welcome the products of Ferran Fages ' acoustic turntables . A well conceived, stimulating work.
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Hong Chulki + Jin Sangtae + Kevin Parks ‎
Year:  2011
Country:  South Korea
City:  Seoul
Label:  Celadon rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  5
Time:  75 min.
Genre:  electroacoustic
Style:      Free Improvisation

Perhaps the translation as "chiaroscuro" is the most fitting; one of the immediately apparent aspects of this very fine recording, for those who have experienced the music of the Seoul-based musicians only on disc, is the transitioning between the harsh, more abrupt sound-word they've tended to inhabit and a smoother one, one in which long, semi-pure tones are not uncommon. It's a fantastic mix. I'm guessing the latter is largely the result of Parks' presence here; not that his own out put has been so streamlined, but that the longer tones seem more often than not to be introduced and elaborated on by the guitar, picked up by others in the ensuing minutes. 

That's the impression which permeates the disc: a delicate, lovely balance between the rough and tumble of Hong Chulki's turntables (which, surprisingly in this day and age, are occasionally the brief source of some identifiable music) and Jin Sangtae's hard drives and Parks' guitar and electronics, the former seeming to adapt themselves a tad or two to the relatively clearer tones and hums of the latter. It's bby no means a complete accession and that's much of the beauty, that tension and elasticity that forms in between. As implied above, it's entirely possible that this particular area is more routinely heard at performances in Seoul than have been documented on disc (at least within my hearing), but to this listener, the music comes as a refreshing variation to what's appeared before on Manual, Balloon and Needle, etc. Parks' oyster shells to Hong's and Jin's cigarette butts? The fifth of five tracks achieves a special kind of synthesis, really beautiful.    (*NOTE: this review is an extract from  HERE ).
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-IlU0uzSDlYg/Tuyvz19WZII/AAAAAAAADWo/-Xxd9AVOPtc/s320/bnn26-0a.jpg "Inferior Sounds"
Year:  2011
Country:  South Korea
City:  Seoul
Artist:  Ryu Hankil, Choi Joonyong & Hong Chulki
Balloon & Needle rec.
Format:  CD
Country:  South Korea
Genre:  Electroni
Style:  Turntable   Free Improvisation   Noise

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