"Ploughing furrows into rotten burrows"
Year:  2013
Country:  UK
Artist:  Mark Durgan
Label:  Pan
Format:  LP
Tracks:  5
Time:  70 min.
Genre:  electronic , acoustic
Style:     Noise      Musique Concrète

Veteran noise musician and artist from London (UK). He has recorded works and experimented with objects and strange instruments since the mid-’80s as “Putrefier” since 2010 and with 12 albums recorded. In “Putrefier” the musical style was clearly NOISE with some industrial influences. He has also played with “Nihilist Assault Group” a band with 7 members which creat also noise but using rock instruments too. They edited 4 albums and 2 ep´s. During all these years he has also recorded albums as solo “Mark Durgan” but more experimental and also ambient / dron oriented. He has collaborated in albums next to musical projects such as: Spoils & Relics, John Wall, Johnny Scarr, John Wiese, Fossils, Jazzkammer, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Kazumoto Endo, K2, The New Blockaders, etc… He founded late´s 80s his own little label to record and distribute his works: “Birthbiter records”, now defunct. For the past 20 years, Mark Durgan has influenced the directions of musique concrète, free improvisation, electroacoustic music, industrial and early ’90s Japanoise.
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