"....... More stuff"
Year:  2013
Country:  US
City:  Atlanta
Artist:  Cristine Calvarese
Label: Shark Bites Tapes
Format:  CD
Tracks:  24
Time:  140 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Noise       Field Recordings

KRISTIN CALVARESE aka "Adrien Barbobott" aka "Peenk Panthur" own of her label "Shark Bite Tapes". Currently hailing out of Atlanta’s darker underworld is KRISTIN CALVARESE aka Adrien Barbobott. On this outing Calvarese is kicking out some seriously-gnarled rhythmic din and heavy skullpsych jammz. "...More stuff" is an industrial feast of grey hallucinations and night terrors during 140 minutes (more than 2 hours!). A huge compilation that brings together a long list of tracks very short (1 minute) and other very long (10 minutes), in which Kristin demonstrates his innate ability with distortion pedals, contact mics, software, and other objects that can find casually and serve to create sounds and noises. What she does is noise (without doubt) but it is not an extremely harsh or hnw, but what is sometimes called as field recordings, as well as some electronical music influences, glitch, cut-up, sound collage, experimental, etc. Nowadays she is more engaged much as techno DJ, sound engineer and for many years he has her own label "Shark Bite Tapes".
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