"4 bands from the USSR"
Year:  1986
Country:  Russia
City:  Leningrad
Label:  Big Time
Format:  2 x LP
Bands:  4
Tracks:  24
Genre:  rock
Style:        New Wave

"Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the Soviet Union" was a split double album released in 1986 and featuring Russian rock bands Aquarium, Kino, Alisa, and Strannye Igry (Strange Games), all from Leningrad. It was the first release of Russian rock music into the United States. Joanna Stingray, who developed a friendly relationship with some of the most prominent Soviet underground rock band members upon her first visit to the Soviet Union, and Boris Grebenshchikov, the Aquarium frontman, are credited with the idea of publishing such album in the West. The material for this compilation was recorded on a non-commercial basis by the four Leningrad bands and smuggled by Joanna Stingray to the US. Production and release was done by the Los Angeles-based indie label Big Time Records on June 27, 1986.  Three of the four bands (Aquarium, Kino and Alisa) on this album have later become icons of the Russian rock movement and are still widely known and followed in Russia.
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