"Noisax jazzostrial fractamental"
Year:  2008
Country:  Czech rep.
City:  Praha
Label:  Guerilla rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  5
Time:   70 min.
Genre:  electronic , acoustic
Style:       Noise        Free Jazz

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Year:  2000
Country:  Czech republic, France
Label:  Abnormal Tapes
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  5
Time:  49:10 min.
Genre: electronic , rock
Style:       Experimental        Noise

REVIEW : Amazing, awesome and very original work by these 3 true artists:  Martin B., Pavel H. and Eric Boros (Hermit). The trio began their musical experiences with a typical equipment: micro and pedal distortions, but nowadays they use all sorts of objects to produce sounds, noises and effects. In my opinion this is the real definition of a "experimental" music, that music that create different sounds with different "instrument" neber before us by anyone. 3 artists together in this 50 minutes where to converge electronic sounds, rock sounds and acoustic sounds and the line of the music oscillate from the agressive harsh noise to the sensual ambient drone, and others lands such as: minimal, glitch, sound collage, tapes manipulation, free improvisation, etc. A really fresh freezee to give a big dose of prestige to our "noise scene" which sometimes it seems a little bit full of copies or clones or simply young people too much amateur. Without doubt another work essentil and indispensable album in any collection.

BIOGRAPHY: The band NAPALMED started in the mid `94. Planned to create "noise", but play kind of noisy-noise-core w/ a drum section, two basses and voice. Stopped to use the instruments they started to play only/mainly many different materials, equipments, garbage, junks and things, people didn't need (as like metals, woods, glass, plastics, papers), prepared electronix, various microphones, tape deck, pedal effectors, drum module, mini disc, samples, turntable, etc...  Band activity under name NAPALMED was stopped on January 2005, continues as NPLMD solo project, but in June 2006 band rises up with a new line up. Of the previous formation only RadeK.K. remains.  MartiN.B. and PaveL.H. become new members, also style was changed to XQX (Xtreme freaQency electroniX). Band uses mostly D.I.Y. synthesizers in combination with few metals, of course all sounds destroyed via load of effects.  Since March 2013, after MartiN.B.'s tragic death, Napalmed become solo unit again. PaveL.H. will help on studio recordings only.
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http://napalmed.cz/rec/msbr.jpg"Never mind the MSBR, here is the Napalmed"
Year:  2002
Country:  Czec rep.
City:  Praha
Label:  Napalmed rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  2
Time:  76 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:         Experimental          Noise

Released in the Czech Republic on Radek Kopel's label Napalmed, Never Mind the MSBR, Here's the Napalmed presents his group by the same name in all its horrendous glory. A harsh noise quartet, Napalmed improvises harsh noise the analog way — no laptops involved. And honestly, since Merzbow has switched to digital, Kopel and friends rank among the best acts in this genre. They make an infernal racket of course, but there's something more than anger management at work here. They sculpt their improvisations with attention to detail and acute listening skills (which is not that easy to do when surrounded by all that noise). The two pieces on this album use dynamics wisely. Metal junk, mutated acoustic guitars, household objects (like a mean electric egg slicer), pedal effects, and the occasional demented scream form the basis of both pieces. The 15-minute "MBR Not MSBR" serves up the entrée. The main course is the 57-minute "Never Mind the MSBR, Here's the MBFR" (all those acronyms refer to the Japanese harsh noise project MSBR, but Napalmed's intention remains unclear). The four musicians keep changing the pace of the piece, preventing any dull moment. At its most frantic, the music recalls Government Alpha or the Haters, but its range of dynamics and expressiveness are definitely closer to analog-era Merzbow. Recorded live in the studio, this CD is meant to give an example of the group's live show. It was released in a limited edition of 1,000 numbered copies. Recommended to fans of the genre, despite its rarity and difficult availability outside central Europe. (*NOTE* written by François Coture, from Quebec).
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Year:  1997
Country:  Czech Rep. , Germany
Label:  Darkness Productions
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  2
Time:  50 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:       Noise       Experimental

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