behind a mask
"Behind the mask"
Year:  2013
Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow
Members: 5
Fronted female band
Label:   Red Decade rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  12
Time:  44 minutes
Genre:  rock
Style:   Alternative  Rock

No other rock group in Russia has exploded onto the music scene quite as rapidly as Louna.  Formed in 2008 by Tracktor Bowling lead singer Lousine Gevorkian and bassist Vitaly Demidenko, the idea behind Louna was to pursue wider musical ideas that didn’t fit in with their original band. They recruited guitarists Rouben Kazariyan and Sergey Ponkratiev, and drummer Leonid Kinzbursky. After the release of their first EP which lyrically focused on the many modern social problems that exist, they were quickly named the 2009 Best New Artist of the Year at the annual Russian Alternative Music Prize (RAMP) awards.
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