"Группа крови"
Year:  1988
Country:  Soviet Union
Artist:  4 members
Label:  Red Wave rec.
Format:  LP
Tracks: 10
Time:  36 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:      Post Punk

"Blood" was the sixth album of music recorded by the Soviet rock band "Cinema" (= Kino) in 1988. Album out on CD (first in the USA and Japan), phonograph records, compact cassettes and reels. In the official discography lists him sixth album nicely. In the USA, the album was released on CD under the title Blood Type (Cinema). Musically their style is very simple, lineal and clean, with a strong bass guitar lines with melodic male voices. KINO started as a prog rock / folk band as great bands from the 70s decade, but quickly evolutioned to make a sound more modern and they added an electronic drums, synth keyboards and post punk and new wave influences. The result is quite satisfactory, sometimes more near to post punk and sometimes more near to synth pop, but always absolutely very clean, soft and well produced. There is not noise at all, but is a very good disk. You can feel a sort of honestity, modesty and sincerity. Not posers at all, they were totally normal people from the USSR times. Listening KINO you can to discover a little gemm hide behind the iron fall during years.
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