"Architects of insanity"
Year:  2014
Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow
Artist:  Goga Zolotaryov & Stefan Lookianenko
Label:  none
Format:  net
Tracks:  4
Time:  40 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Noise       Space      Ambient

ACCORDING TO THE BAND  :   This is our 3rd record, and this is a drone/ambient one. It was recorded during autumn 2013. The idea is pretty simple: this album is dedicated to the architecture of the cities. The best time of the day is night. Especially in the city. Architecture looks as it should only by night. The industrial atmosphere of the big city inspired us to create this record. We've wanted it to sound as if you are walking around at night. The cover photo was taken by a member of the band, Stefano L, in October 2013, in Moscow.

REVIEW : This is the second time we write about ARCHITECTS OF INSANITY recording. The first one was about 6 months ago with "Nasty IDM works" and we must to  confess that frankly the music of these pair of friends is much improved in no time. Such has been their improvement even hard to believe that these two friends could have recorded these two albums in just six months. It's just amazing. Their style is basically ambient, drone with some noise layers. The perception that oneself like to hear this record, has nothing to do with the dark, black, occult or satanic music. Not at all. It is rather closer to the sounds made for those old bands from early 70s decade: Kraut rock, space rock or even experimental rock. Sensation of open, empty, silent, cold and quiet spaces... cosmos is you prefer. But in my personal opinion is not bored at all. Not become as boring as some extremely ambient projects, which virtually nothing happens in 45 minutes. Here you can to think about many things: softness, peace and calm. But also there are changes of roughness and hardness noise. It seem this russian duet has experimented have a great and positive musical evolution.
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"Nasty IDM works"
Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Artist: Goga Zolotaryov & Stefan Lookianenko
Label: none
Format: net
Tracks: 9
Time: 62 minutes
Genre: electronic
Style:      IDM

We knew these friends from Russia grace to VK a russian network which is very celebre in that country. Via internet we make friendship with these 2 true artists who usually make noise but also electronica, idm, techno, rave, etc... and others styles because they love music in the large sense. In fact this second album of A.O.I. is nothing about noise nor industrial or power electronics, but we have found interesting and funny to include a techno album in our website. The label where classified this disc has been "Breakcore" because is the more near to this style. I mentioned, Goga Zolotaryov and Stefan Lookianenko (with 20 years old more or less) have already recorded another works into the noise, ambient, techno, expeimental... and in this case a sort of electronic experimental music. So there are influences from techno, idm, rave, etc. is so a music to dance but A.O.I. doesn't make this music to be "comercial" or "conventional", I think the intention is to make a sort of "strange Dance" or "experimental Dance".... "strange" is for me a very good attitude, of course. Well if you like electronical music this is for you. Great surprise to hear a "noisier" to make Dance but is good.
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A pic of Moscow downtown where currently live ARCHITECTS OF INSANITY.


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