Year:  2010
Country:  Russia
City:  Perm
Label:  none
Format:  EP
Tracks:  1
Time:  18 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Noise     Ambient

"The Sputnik" EP was created with space flight simulators in mind. The idea was to go in outer space, but in a video game from the eighties. The basis of the piece is a series of noise waves, mostly modulated washes of white noise to create the illusion of speed, with layers of higher-pitched gimmicks that illustrate the functioning of the spacecraft. She has done all the sound-design herself, as she would has for a video-game or a synthesizer sound pack, no sampling at all was involved in the building up of this piece. Everything was done with free software synthesizers (no keyboards, just changing the simple synthesised sounds with large amounts of echo and delay...) and sequencer. I think she got managed to convey the absolute modernity of the space race, a race for modernity within the cold-war and the retro feeling it has gained as time went by. The whole space-race thing today seems abstract and maybe over-simplified, just as this sonic depiction of "The Sputnik" is. Anyway, I still wonder how the russian people and the USSR ex-republics peoples remember and almost "live" the Soviet Era with miths like Sputnik, Yuri Gagarin, Soyuz (spacecraft), Olympic Games (1979), Kalashnikov, etc. And of course in this recording is understandable to think about outer space, astronauts, satellites and all relate it, because her music has a quite important space, ambient and drone influences. The only one thing is a bit sad, is the EP has only 18 minutes of noise textures. Pick this up if you like Elizabeth Veldon or Sean McCann.  Also if you want to hear some calmer noise.
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