https://ia601007.us.archive.org/19/items/RzxcMrhslptPt/razxca.jpg "Merhoslopt"
Year:  2014
Country:  Russia
City:  Pervushino (Yaroslav)
Artist:   Mikhail Gusenkov
Label:   not
Format:  CD
Tracks:  10
Time:  62 min.
Genre:  electronic , rock , poetry
Style:     Noise

Mikhail Gusenkov, who have friendship via internet since 2012, is an experimentalist musician who began his career in 2000 and since then he has already recorded 60 albums as RAZXCA plus EP's and several tracks on compilations. In addition he has also recorded music as Dee Jockey of electronic and techno music. Apart RAZXCA he has remained active other b-side projects such as: 225, ¥, Bea0or, Dlya invalidov Lits Pojilogo Vozrasta I Passajirov S, Галлюциногенная Повседневность, ЗЭИ, Faarg , Ideal Drop Pops, LLYMP LASKA, metal metal, Mikhail Gusenkov, Niplasetapish, No Artist, Pole.A, Sexual, THIDDY FAIP, w; 4top9, Wrong Duck Albino, Xopowo, Yney, etc. Really is very difficult to explain in summary form the biography of this artist, because his productivity is huge since the past ten years. So let's focus better on RAZXCA and specifically on his latest albumIt is also important to mention that Mikhail Gusenkov dealt not only with noise but also he exploited his creative oriented to other musical styles such as: ambient, drone, tribal, glitch, techno, etc. In this work entitled "Merhoslopt" for example, is very clear his "obsession" to pure electronic harsh noise which can to remind latest Merzbow or KK Null albums. In oppsite track "III" and "IV", Mikhail Gusenkov show us his particular talent in the area of field recordings and experimental music. Ten tracks and almost an hour of noise wich sound completly electronic, synthetic and "inhuman". Not old-school industrial music at all but the opposite pole.
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Year:  2012
Country:  Russia
City:  Yaroslav
Artist:  Mikhail  Gusenkov
Label:  not
Format:  net
Tracks:  11
Time:  66 min.
Genre:  electronic,  poetry
Style:     Noise     Experimental

It seems to have gone the other neo-hippie world of HARSH NOISE, then so be it. Another optical, another perspective to face the arduous task of doing without sounding NOISE 50 bands that have done it before, from the far Merzow or Incapacitants 1979. Dust Cult is actually a young Italian named Fibro that, in 2011, and sick of always hearing the same music, throw out the tanjente decdió and start destroying and rebuilding it in conventional music concrete music. "A thing we call" NOISE "" he said, and the boy has not stopped rehearsing until you have recorded 6 albums in two years. It seems that what he called NOISE strip by PSYCHEDELIC radiant light and optimism, but not only that, there are also EXPERIMENTAL, MINIMAL, etc.. This album is stunningly good and promising boy, we have to be the case from what he does... 8 / 10