"four pieces for tape recorder"
Year:  2016
Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow
Label:  Nostress
Format:  digital
Tracks:  4
Time:  40 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:         Experimental

After an hiatus of five long years with no activity in the field of experimental music, here we ago with new sounds from this russian musician. As always the release was made on digital format and avaible completly free in several net platforms and was "Nostress Label" which decided to make it. This is a high quality mix of soft noise, field recordings and experimental electronic sounds and effects which got a balance more than satisfactory. Nor dark neither macabre but a little bit misteryous, intrigant and close to space or cosmic music. Great work again
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Year:  2008
Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow
Label:  Completely Gone
Format:  digital
Tracks:  20
Time:  50 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:     Field Recordings      Noise

Evgenij V. Kharitonov is a Russian 45 years who has publised dozens of disks into groups and individual projects of varied nature from 1980 to the present: jazz, punk, techno, ambient, progressive rock, etc. He has sung, played several instruments and even produced their own albums in the studio. The music is added to the fact that it is a renowned writer in his country, Russia, both prose and poetry and has worked as a journalist. In fact even reciting poetry has released albums in their native language (they are released on CD and as free dowload Myspace). Stage Music "conventional" absorbed mainly in the 80s. After the 90s, focusing his energy on writing. And from 2000 onwards when began his interest in Harsh / NOISE and ambient music. All this does not count because we put together on a pedestal, not so qualify this entry as "excellent." But just for information and we know who we are dealing with the. Musically this album in particular we liked very, very much. Because it is a mix with field recordings, radio noise and some strange sounds or small noises impossible to describe. So here there are 20 tracks of soft noise, small noise, bumps and sometimes short pieces of almost harsh noise. There are also sound: the sound of the rain, the wind, the storm, the thunder of the oil when freigeix​​, water and so when I want. And all this happens at a speed slow, calm and "na making." Is a NOISE quiet, smooth and light. But it really is not that there are ambient "atmospheres" or dark scenes ... everything is noise, but soft, slow and divided into segments of three minutes. It is a non-music very accessible. Evegenij run also his own independent net-label called "Microbit Records" and all its discography is free download in different sites such as: archive.org, bandcamp, free music archive, etc. Enjoy it.
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