Year:  2009
Country:  US
City:  San Francisco
Artist:  Scott Miller
Label:  Midori
Format:  cassette
Tracks:  2
Time:  29 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Drone        Noise

Under the name of AL QAEDA there is musician Scott Miller: a noise, ambient and psychedelic artist since 2007. Formerly as a guitarist and vocalist for grindcore band "Cattle Decapitation" in their demo days. Also played in black metal act "Sutekh Hexen", also in death metal band "Pro-Death" and ambient drone act "Circle of Eyes". About noise projects he has recorded works under several names such as: Al Qaeda, Bruant des Marais, Cattle Decapitation, Circle Of Eyes, Pro-Death, Surface, Sutekh Hexen, etc. It seem he works hard beacause only under the name of "Al Qaeda" he has already recorded  17 albums and 9 ep´s since 2007. Some of his albums were split next to noise artists such as: Richard Ramirez, Mark Bradley, Cock ESP, Nryy, Bbblood... and more. Musically usually recorded albums which mix hard and dry noise with drone, ambient and space landscapes. Although occasionally it has become even more harsh noise near aggressive drives.
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